Data privacy for humans,
by humans.
Consento is an app designed to store and control the access to confidential and private data using p2p encrypted storage.
The key to access the data is split among trusted people. To unlock the vault the trustees need to give their consent.
The concept of the Consento system was developed by Martin Heidegger and with a small group we pitched the concept to the open call of NGI LEDGER - the venture builder for human centric solutions. LEDGER, an EU funded project, empowers people to solve problems using decentralised technologies. 
Visual Identity Design
We believe encrypted data management can be redesigned with human trust at the core. To convey the feeling that data protection is not just an issue for "tech nerds" but should be accessible for everyone, we decided to create various illustrations as part of the visual identity. The illustrations help understand the use of Consento and communicate the brand's values. 
The logo mark consists of shapes that resembles an abstract human figure (blue) reaching out to touch what might be another human's arms (red). Visually this represents the core of what Consento is build on. Part of the logo also resembles a lock icon, referring to the encryption ("locking away") of data with Consento. Furthermore a "C" for "Consento" can be seen in the negative space. 
Your phone is your key
One of the goals of Consento is to make cyber security available and understandable for everyone including non-tech savvy people. Security and convenience almost never go hand in hand though, so the biggest challenge for Consento is to balance these two components. 
We learned from interviews that users would prefer detailed guidance and explanation when setting up and using Consento. At the same time, Consento should feel enjoyable and not like a burden. 
Consento will make sure to nudge users to keep their user space secure, by pointing out at ways to improve their security and maintain the security mechanism up-to-date. 
Documenting the process
Since one of the core values of Consento is transparency we wanted to focus on providing documentation of Consento's development on the website. Therefore the docusaurus framework was chosen to build a light website and make use of features like versioning, content search and localization. 
Consento is an open source project and wants to encourage contribution from a diverse set of developers who are interested in the project, so the website was also aiming to help build a Consento community by providing frequent blog posts and news as well as promoting the Consento discord server. 
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program within the framework of the LEDGER Project funded under grant agreement No825268.

Other works

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